The Starco Calorimeter is recognized by refrigerant compressor manufacturers worldwide as the standard of excellence for accurate, fast-acting compressor/condenser capacity measurement. Our calorimeters are built to the ASHRAE standard for testing refrigerant compressors using the secondary refrigerant calorimeter method.

The Starco calorimeter is complete and operational when connected to utilities and the equipment to be tested.

  • Test results are fast and accurate.

  • Test readings are rapid enough to permit the calorimeter to be used as a quality control check on production lines.

Custom-Built Standards

The Starco Calorimeter is renowned for its accuracy, dependability and attention to detail. It is completely custom-built to meticulous standards by our specially trained workers.

The brushed aluminum finish of Starco Calorimeters provides a durable and attractive finish suitable for production line or laboratory use.

All units are portable and can be moved easily from one location to another.